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It's a Miracle

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On a beautiful spring day, one weekend, I was at home, and the afternoon my mother asked me to going with the puppy outside, to walk him. His name is Tommy and he was about three years old when that happened.
While we were walking in front of the block, I noticed that Tommy was spinning his leash, managed to escape, running after a pigeon, who annoyed him. As I ran after him to catch him, he suddenly wented up the street, at the same time ...... passing a car that stepped up him. I went desperately to him, seeing him bleed. I called the vet, he quickly got to the place where Tommy was  stepped    by the car. I was with them, and at that moment the doctor said he'd put him in as soon as we get to the doctor's office, my dog,  . When I got there, he grabbed Tommy, to take himinto the O.R., telling me his chances of surviving are minimal, plus he was the only doctor in the office. I cried throughout the operation, thinking about him and the doctor's words. At some point, after about three hours, the doctor came out of the room, smiling on his lips, telling me that Tommy was fine. That's while I felt extremely happy. [u]He [bfollowing  a recovery period for him, but it all ended well.
It's a Miracle...    8-)

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On a beautiful day,my mom,Jessica decided to go to Spain. [aici ar trebui sa dai mai mult context despre decizie, intentii, asteptari]
We packed our luggage and left the next day.The road had to last 15 hours.The coolest thing was that i went with my  grandmother.Her name is Lorenza.All the time when she was making a joke I was laughing really hard.She was very nice to me.She always took care of me when my parents were abroad. During the trip we stopped in each country to visit it. 3 hours before arriving in Spain we met a horse cart.My dad decided to  past the cart. Before he overtakes, dad observes how a truck is approaching with speed.He put a sudden brake. And we got crashed.Suddenly i hear...... the rattles of an ambulance.I notice..... that i ........... fainted.I go quickly to my family to see if they are dead.Then I saw how all the people who were with me in the car were alive.For me that was a big miracle! we went to the hospital.The doctor told us that nobody is injured.From that day my dad  said that he will never pass a car or a cart before he looks twice.

asta nu e comentariu la povestea de mai sus, deci ar fi trebuit postat ca topic independent

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