Nowadays, many people prefer to work from home rather than to have a nine to five schedule and work from an office desk.
      But should we work home home or should we go to work in an office desk?
      Firstly, one of the advantages is the confort zone. People are working from their homes, which offers them relaxation and and this is helping them work more efficiently. These are non-stressful environments which increase employers productivity. By working from home people avoid being in situations that put pressure on them such as waking up in the morning to get to work on time. This is why working from home is better for an employee and it makes him work more efficiently by being in a place that allows him to focus on his tasks.
      Secondly, working from home offers a lot of flexibility. Employees that work in this way have the possibility to plan their working schedule whatever they want. As long as they accomplish their daily target they can work at anytime of the day. This is an advantage because employees can chose the working hours to be the ones when they are more productive and when they can fully concentrate on their job. In this way, they will have improved work results.
      To conclude, because of the more relaxed and flexible working environment, I believe that working from home is better than working in an office desk.