A miracle has different symbolic meanings specific to each person. They might be classified as life or death situations, complete turns of events or even something out of the ordinary. For me, it is safe to say that I have enjoyed many miracles throughout my adolescent life and throughout my childhood. (Although ,) Many of them are not present in my memory, due to the fact that I was too young to store anything but fundamental reflexes in my cerebral cortex.
          For me, miracles have been situations between life and death. For example, when I was at the age of four, my Mother (had )put me on the bed next to the heater, I (had fallen ) fell back and cracked my skull open. My mother started crying (and so on). At the end I escaped with merely a scar, nothing more nothing less. That was a miracle.
          Another miracle was when my mother got bitten by a 5-inch long tarantula while she was pregnant with me. She was rushed to the hospital and there was no trained professional to deal with the situation at hand, her pulse was lowering at an alarming rate. When the pulse reading machine hit 2 pulses per minute (and she was just on the brink of death) a doctor came and gave her the antidote, and she had a full recovery.
          Miracles can take many forms but (truly ) actually..it.... is something that marks your life.

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