It was 3 a.m. and Ben was coming back from a party he had attended to. Being drunk from all the alcohol he had drank drunk, he took his friend's car and started driving it to his home. His speed reached 120 km/ hour. He was narely nearly home when he lost the control of the vehicle and crushed crashed into a tree.
A couple was were coming back from a club and they saw the terrible accident. The male was calling  an ambulance while the girl was taking some pictures of the crushed car. When the doctors came, they said Ben's chances of surviving were at a minimum and they took him to the hospital. There,a doctor called his parents and they came as soon as they heard. The head doctor told them: "He won't make it. I'm sorry, but your son is lost...''
When they heard that, they strated crying and praying for a miracle.
A few moments later, Ben's heart started beating and his eyes opened. The guy who was dead one minute ago, was now alive again. His parents jumped on him and huged hugged him like they never had before. They had tears in their eyes, but this time, those were tears of joy. Ben was alive! It was a miracle!

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