Miracles are those events that seem to defy logic. I think we have all experienced experimantate miracles in our daily lives, but we just do not notice them. In the next rows, I will tell a story that features one of the greatest miracles of my brother's life.
My big brother is 19. A few months ago, he started studying for his driving license. We, as a family, kind of needed him to pass the exam, because our dad leaves the city really often. That being said, he passed the theoretical part from the first try, and he was really excited. The harder part though about the driving license exam is the practical part, when you have to drive for 30 minutes in the city with a policeman sitting next to you and he was about to see why.
The exam day came, and my brother was very nervous. The policeman was very scary, especially because he was wearing his uniform. It was a complete disaster. My brother scored around 70 points and the maximum was 21 points. He was not so disappointed, because he knew he has 2 or 3 other chances.
The second time, he failed again. He was upset, because the policeman made him panic and make mistakes, due to his impatience. It was all about the third time, because if he would fail failed, he would have to start the driving school from the beginning, spend even more money, time etc. It had to be this time! Even though he was conscious of this situation, he failed again and he was devastated. We tried to encourage him, but he already started to think that he won't wouldn't ever be able to take his driving license.
After a few days, out of nowhere, someone my brother knew, who was a policeman, called him. He told him that he might try to schedule him for a last shot. After a couple of weeks, he found a spot for my brother. Knowing it was his last chance, my brother drove almost perfectly at the last exam and, fortunately, he got the driving license. It was a miracle!

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