...........[explica mai intai care e subiectul, care e miza, contextul] My viewpoint on this issue isnít The best one.
Firstly , I want to Say that ......... isnít normally to put a child to do something like this.
One The one hand, ....... is impossible because .......... isnít human to exploit a child who normally should go to school(Valid in our country).
On The other hand, child labour laks The joys of childhood and is an obstacle for physical,emotional and social development. The work of The child endangers The morality, safety and heath of The child, which are often difficult or impossible to recover.
Secondly, I want to list The reasons for approaching child labor.
The term "child labor" refers to work that:
-presents a mental, physical, social or moral danger and is harmful to children;
-affect the schooling of children
[muta aceasta definitie in introducere]
Child labor has various serious consequences, as follows:
According to statistics, The families of the children ............ involved in the child's work to overcome The poverty. Only good education contributes to overcoming poverty.
All in all, we donít promote the labor force of children.

Eseul e organizat haotic, nu ai respectat structura.

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