I know that not everyone likes me, but what can I do? Not everyone has good taste :)). No.. I'm kidding. Even if I know this, I also know that not everyone matters. It's important that the loved ones and those who understand me like me. Even though I am aware of these things, I'm one of those people who categorizes others, as well. Talking about unpleasant people, I really know a girl I think no one likes, at least me and my friends.
I'm sorry that I'm mean, but besides being ugly and fat, she is very stupid. She always says stupid things and insults others, which annoys everyone. At school she doesn't do well at all, she repeated a year and yet, she continues to talk shit speak badly with the teachers and to disturb the classes. And now, I don't want to judge her for being poor, only that her appearance and dressing style are disgusting and don't get me started about the smell. The truth is that she always wears ripped clothes and that she doesn't wash herself very often. And that's why she smells very badly and it's not at all pleasant to stay around her. If it were the only problem, but also it's not pleasant to stay with her because she makes bad jokes on your account, talking without thinking. This simply takes you out of your mind and you can't imagine how someone can be so stupid. There is also the fact that she is taking takes all sorts of terrible photos and she posts them on Facebook. If she takes a full picture of herself , she occupies the whole picture because she is very, very fat. I don't didn't exaggerate... at all! And what's more, in selfies she smiles with her teeth and her teeth are very crooked!! Why the hell do you show them in every picture? I really can't understand that.
In my opinion, if the physique doesn't help you to be a pleasant person, the most important thing is to show everyone that you have many other qualities and that you are a person with whom anyone would want to be friend... with . But she does exactly the opposite. She is neither beautiful, nor smart.
I understand that it's not entirety her fault, but her family's especially, that who didn't know how to educate ... her properly. All ...things considered, no one likes her.

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