It was a beautiful morning and I was going to school. I was expecting an easy day since we weren't having any tests that day.
I finally arrived and at 8:00 but instead of the mathematics teacher, our headmaster showed up. He looked sad. There was obviously something wrong and he was about to tell us what it was. He said that he had some very bad news to tell us. It was about Adam, my best friend who went to the hospital because he wasn't feeling well. It turned out it was more than that. The doctors found him a brain tumor that was almost in the terminal phase. We were all shocked and remained like that for the rest of the day. We all decided to visit Adam the very next day.
We all went home and early in the morning we went to visit him. He looked discouraged and afraid of what was going to happen with him. We tried to encourage him and make him feel better, but it didn't seem like working. His dad stayed with us in his room, but his mom couldn't hold herself anymore so she left the room and started crying. After a few minutes of total silence, he looked at us and said: ,,If this is the will of God, then I will take it" This These words went right through my heart. I wasn't sure that I could have said that if I would take his place.
Miraculously, after a week we were all announced by his parents that Adam was fine and the doctors couldn't explain how it happened. The cancer was gone. It was a miracle! We were all so happy and convinced that this miracle was something planned by God for Adam.

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