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much ado about nothing

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I remember that a few years ago, I was in fourth grade. It was a hot spring day and it was the PE class, so we did it outside.
That day was the birthday of a classmate. He brought candies to school and we sang Happy Birthday. He planned to invite some of his friends to the mall after school. For this he brought some money.
After the sports class, when we returned to the classroom he noticed that his wallet had disappeared with the money too. He thought that someone ........ stole..... had stolen his money so he told this to the teacher. The teacher took it very seriously, and at first asked everyone in the class if they took had taken the wallet. At that moment no one admitted, so she went to the next step. She called the headmaster to find out who  ........ stole...... had stolen the wallet. Because no one admitted, he needed to call the police.
After a few minutes, the police arrived and started to test us all with the lie detector. after several hours, the student realized that he had the wallet full of money inside a hidden pocket of the backpack.
Then he apologized to everybody because he ....... caused had caused all the trouble because of a stupid mistake, but it was too late.

propozitiile ar trebui sa fie mai des legate cu conjunctii si ar fi nevoie de mai multe detalii descriptive

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It hapen also for me. I lost my sport shoes and i said that somebody stole it but i remembered that i forgot it in a bus. So , that's was my responsability. I have to pay more attention.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » much ado about nothing