According to the paper Statistical Analysis of External Migration after Romania's Accession to the European Union published in the Romanian Journal of Statistics, the total number of emigrants between 2007 and 2017 was 2.613 million, of which more than 20 percent are young people. This is a crisis because Romania is loosing losing itís people. Students leave in hope of finding a better educational system or finding better jobs. Nevertheless, many find a better life somewhere far from home, while Romania is declining.  This is why the topic is often discussed yet rarely understood.  Teachers have an important place in the matter, so the question is, should  they promote emigration to richer countries or building a life on native soil?

On one hand, teacherís first priority is to help children develop in the best way possible. The educational system has many flaws. Starting from unqualified personnel to schools lacking basic needs[/color] not being able to satisfy studen's needs for students.  Romania is the only country in the European Union where unprepared unqalified staff is teaching: more precisely, 4,500 unskilled teachers being brought by the educational system, because of lack of alternatives. The highest percentage of unskilled teachers, who did not take the did not obtain a degree exam are registered in the poor areas of the south and the center of the country, shows a study recently published by the Human Catalyst Association. In Bucharest, the capital of the country, only 44 (4%) of the school buildings  1,066 - 22 from the public network and 22 from the private one - obtained the fire safety clearance, stated AGERPRES representative of ISU Bucharest Ilfov. Romania also registers the lowest tertiary educational attainment rate in the EU. The report explains this through a combination of factors that limit the potential number of students: high dropout rates in pre-university education, increasing but relatively low pass rates for the baccalaureate exam and low participation of disadvantaged groups in higher education. The document also warns that, when coupled with the emigration of highly skilled workers, low tertiary attainment risks creating skills shortages in knowledge-intensive sectors and ultimately limiting economic growth. Because of all this, teachers should think about what is best for students and encourage them to try finding a better suited place for their needes, even if this means leaving the country.

On the other hand, teachers should think about the state of the country. The number of pupils and students in Romanian schools has been dropping constantly as the population decreases because of natural demographic causes or because of migration. INS data show that if 3.49 million students were registered in the pre-university school system in 2007, the number dropped to 3.09 million in 2017. This might seem as a small number but it was a decrease of 457,538 children and students. As a result of this decrease, the country is in crisis. Romania is known for having great students in the medical field, but all of them emigrating ......has..... led to hospitals lacking doctors. Hospitals are empty and people are dying, ......due to the fact that there is....... no one here to treat them anymore. However, it doesnít stop here, .....due to the fact that........[linker] the workforce is going down, and soon enough, there will be no way to save Romania. Despite all this, for now, the hope stands in the youth that will remain where they were born and will rebuild what was destroyed. Teachers should do their best to convince children that they are the only ones that can make a chance. Teachers know that students are the future of any nation. So the future development of any nation is in the hands of teachers.

In conclusion, there are both advantages and disadvantages of teachers encouraging students to emigrate. Even though Romania is not the best place for a young person and it is true that the outside world can offer a much wider perspective and a better ........way of......... living, it is still what many call home. This is why the future of its people have to fight, to make Romania the place that it truly deserves to be.

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