In the era of freedom and universal rights, international organizations are elaborating plans in order to eradicate the majority of ..the...... world’s problems. One of them is child labour, a practice broadly met encountered in un.der.....developed countries. The most popular solution for this matter is simply banning products from countries that accept child labour. But is it, truly, the best decision that could be made?
       Firstly On one hand, child labour should be banned in every country. It is a violation of one’s multiple rights, such as the right to development, education, and to rest and leisure. Minors who are forced to work in order to provide income for their families do not have the option to educate themselves and evolve into people who cannot stand up for their own welfare. Moreover, the economy of such a country will never be able to grow prosperously if the youth do not educate themselves progressively in order to develop new technologies. Therefore, banning the import of products from countries where child labour is allowed would be beneficial. The international organizations would help poor nations grow without having to abuse minors.
      Secondly On the other hand, banning the import would have many bad nefarious consequences. The poor nations’ situations would be affected, given that all those families would struggle to find new ways to provide their basic needs. Additionally, worldwide economy could go through a major shift, since many imported, cheap products would have to be replaced by high-priced, locally produced ones, immediately. This action cannot be beneficial for the poor, if it is not sustained by a firm fight against poverty. This action, nevertheless, is a complex process that cannot be summarized to international bans or financial support  – it has to be an entire sum of programmes on in many areas.
       Taking everything into account, the issue of child labour is an intricate one. It is hard to believe that such situations still are a normality in today’s age, but it is even harder to solve these problems without damaging the entire world’s economy.

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