If one want to know which of these two can help develop yourself them , than read forward. Both will help you, but one needs to know how that each of them evolve different areas.
        On one hand, there are video-games. They are usually fighting games. Now, depending on what the people play they can learn how to build strategies, how to think faster and keep their calm. There is not much one can learn from here. Moreover, many people became has becameaddicted to the games and the ...whole purpose of playing is forgotten. That is why it is very risky to choose the games, because once one is captivated by the game there is a very, very small chance to escape and not many can make it.
        On the other hand, there are the movies. Here we have many categories, which means many and different types of self development. Due to the diversification, it is simpler to learn more things  than one would have learned from video-games. Plus one can see an example in the movie and can learn faster. Moreover, the movies are made for people to learn just like the books, therefore movies films are more suitable for self developmet. More and more people watch movies instead of reading which means that almost everyone prefer.... to watch rather then read.
        To conclude, .....both the video-games and movies can help one to develpo in many and diffrent ways.......[rezumatul] if one have had to decide ..on.... ...one.... which of the two choices, based on what I said  the arguments above, it would be the movies because it is simpler, faster and can help one to develop himself in more than one way.

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