Literary criticism (or literary studies) is the study, evaluation, and interpretation of literature.[uneste propozitiile] Literary criticism is often published in essay or book form. In Romania, the most important exams (both the 8th grade exam and the baccalaureate) require essays in which you should analyze one of them 20 literary writings, essays which you ......... better learn by heart.

...............................[pe de o parte, topic sentence.] To begin with, it is essential for the Romanian students to know who were the most important people in the literature domain, because they can see what the language used to be spoken like, the way the people used to think those days and to learn the ethics that are extracted from the charactersí actions. Writing the literary criticism essays helps them understand better the creations that might be very easy at first sight, by knowing symbolism. Having literary analysis as an exam topic is extremely important, as students get differentiated by their understanding a text skills. There is a new thing called functional illiteracy that stands for the people who read a text but donít fully understand it, and itís starting to represent the Romaniaís education systemís students. Itís significant for the future adults in Romania to be capable of things such as reading, writing and symbolism.

On the other hand, some people may consider this exam subject irrational and irrelevant, because knowing some literary facts doesnít prove anything about you and about your other skills. Everything students do nowadays at school is learn by heart some stuff that another student wrote a long time ago, just to write it all on the exam paper and forget everything. Teachers .......... started to hate original ideas even more when itís not the quantity they want to. The young brains are fed with around 15 essays 5 pages each, that doesnít bring them any satisfaction. They didnít write any of those things, making them feel insecure about what they actually believe in. Furthermore, the information is outdated. The writers are dead and their creations are too simple and naive for these times, as students living in the modern society canít understand what the texts are all about. It makes it unpleasant and hard to learn.

In conclusion, literary analysis is essential for the literary domain and learners but outdated for all the students in Romania that are going to sit exams.

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