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I remember, that two years ago, on a winter break, my parents had the idea to go to Vatra Dornei for a few days. Then we thought about inviting my aunt's family to come along with us
A few days before, we went shopping to buy skies skis , ski suits and a lot of things that we needed for the vacation. Then we paid a reservation at a hotel.
We were going to leave on a Thursday and return on Sunday. A few days before, I felt a slight cold sensation and started to get a throat pain, but nothing too bad and I didnít care much about it.
Exactly one day before we planned to leave, i had a very bad flu. Unfortunately my family and I couldn't leave and [uneste propozitiile]I was very disappointed that the entire family could not leave just because of me. ............[conjunctie] Also Thereforewe lost our reservation at the hotel.
I had a very high fever of about 40 degrees and I felt very bad for the next three days
But the most frustrating part was that just on the morning of Sunday my flu passed and I was feeling good and the next day I went to school.

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This story is similar like mine.I felt guilty when my familly had to care  of me  instead to have fun on vacation . But after a talk with my mother , she told me that my health is very important and my guilt pass away .So my conclusion is to accept whatever the life brings you.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » Disappointment