I remember that when i  was a little boy i had a good friend who was also my classmate. We were pretty close because our moms were good friends, we would always play together and we ended up going to the same school and we were in the same class.
The years passed and when we were about 8 years old his parents divorced. He was sad but at the time he didn't quite understood what that me.....nt so he was the same, but i can't say the same thing about his mother, she suddenly changed from the calmly and civilized mother to an overly protective one. she was doing everything he asked her to do and he became really spoil...... because of this. We were still friends when this happened but it became harder for my to always put up with his attitude, ...........[linker] my mom would usually say to me to be more understanding. When he would make a mean joke or would ask me for stuff or would act superior i would keep quiet. In third grade i remember we were playing football in the school yard and he was running towards the ball and another kid came and pushed him, ....... he felt and scratched his forehead. He was bleeding but he didn't care that much, ........[linker] he just whipped the blood of....... his forehead and kept on playing, but then his mother arrived she started screaming and crying and yelling at us. She then quickly took him to the doctor and then the next day his head was all bandaged and his mom came with him in the class......... and asked the teacher to call the responsible kid for this. she said that this monster of a kid could have killed her baby and that he should be happy that she didn't sue his family. The teacher said the kid is from a different class but she can call him in the class........ after just a few minutes my friends mom was screaming at the kid at she was saying nasty things about him and the kid started crying.
After that incident i stopped being friends with him because i was scared of his mother. Fortunately they moved to Canada just a few months later. His mom was doing much ado about nothing.

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