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An unhappy experience

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Last summer I went on a trip with my family, in Constanta. I beli.e..ved that this city is full of beautiful places,but I was very shocked when I entered at a restaurant, near the beach.
  The name was Enjoy food and it looked like it was abandoned, there was nobody who cleaned... the floor. The restaurant is in this situation since 2013 and it looked horrible. I hate that restaurant because it .didn't.have....  a lot of space , a lot of tables and chairs. The walls were black and white and they made you fell depressed, everything was so dirty. The food was really disgusting and you need.ed.. a lot of time to wait. The waitresses... were so rude with customers and they looked bored and tired, they give you food so slowly. The way they looked at you was absolutely annoying. Another thing about the restaurant is about the quality of the food, which had  an awful taste.
It was the most disgusting place which I had ever seen. I promised that I  never enter at a restaurant with bad services.

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I'm sorry because you had such an unpleasant experience. But such things happen to us at least once. All that remains to be done is to always hope that next time we will have services that meet our expectations.



This experience is, unfortunately,  one of the most relatable facts about Romania in general, not only this specific city. Even I experienced this kind of service, but all we can do in these moments is to stand up for ourselves and fight for our rights, because this kind of things put in danger our health.



I didn t know this kind of places still existed! I think places like this one shouldn t exist nowadays. We could use the space for something else, of more importance than that old grubby "restaurant".

Your writing is quite good, but please next time make it longer and make sure you correct the mistakes. I can still spot some !



I'm sorry that you had such an experience. Be careful with your writing because I can spot a lot of mistakes that you have done. Make sure that you will correct them.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » An unhappy experience