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Much ado about nothing

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It was the 31st of October, also known as "Halloween day". Jeremy's parents were out of town, so he decided to call his best friend, Michael, at to his place for a sleepover. Michael arrived at Jeremy's house around 4 pm. Because they were some big fans of gaming, they decided to play their favourite game, "Apocalypse Of The Damned".
They were at the level 9 , when a strange noise came from inside the house. Michael asked Jeremy: "What was that sound? I thought you said your parents were gone."
"They are! But..." before he could say anything else, they heard that strange noise again; it sounded like someone was straching scraching the walls.
"It's almost 11 pm and it's Halloween. What if it is a restless demon in your house?! And it might kill us?! WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!"
"Michael, please. There are no such things as ghosts", but when he finished to saying that, the sound was heard again louder than before. And Jeremy continued: "You know, on a second thought...". The boys left their game and ran into the kitchen to arm themselfs themselves.  They made helmets out of pots, body armours out of trays and took some knives as weapons to fight the ghost.
"Are you ready to fight that ghost, buddy?" asked Michael.
"Ready as I'll ever be, player 1." responded Jeremy.
"Okay, than then. Let's hunt some ghosts. We'll use the same technic technique as the one we used in the Cafetorium level in <<Apocalypse of the Damned>> ; I'll have your back, and you'll have mine. Let's go!"
They went carefully quietly into the living room because the noise came from there. The sound was louder and louder as they were moving forwared. The  sound was coming from behind the sofa and when they took a look there... the boys discovered a mouse who was chewing a hole in the wall. Jeremy took the mouse and threw it outside.
"Well. That was our <<restless demon>>; a little mouse. So much ado for nothing..." said Jeremy.
"Yeah... you can say: there were no ghosts in the living room. Ha! Get it? Because they were ghots and-"
"Yeah, yeah, I get it. You can stop now."

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Wow! Your story is soooo good!!! You deserve a 10! I hope teacher Ovi will give you a 10. Good job!👍💯



fighting angry poltergeist with knives? not a good idea buckaroo but the overall story and the action is good. maybe to increase your spookyness (or whatever you call that but you know what I mean) you could work a bit on the atmosphere



Strange idea with that "demon" in your house at the beginning of your story BUT as a main idea your story was great ! You should get  a 10 for it, hope that The Mighty Ovi will give it to you.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Much ado about nothing