Much ado about nothing means to transform a mosquito in a stallion, which means that you shouldn't make your problems bigger then they are or to magnify slight way out of proportion.
Nevertheless, there are many situations in life where we face this kind of problem. For example, when you dropped your phone on the floor and you already think about how cracked it is, without checking it before you say all this or after you finish an exam and you overthink your future grade.
The problem is not that you think about problems but that you amplify them so that you can no longer hold them.
Life is to short to overthink the problems and do not resolve them because, when you overthink them you make them bigger than they actually are.
In conclusion "much ado about nothing" is not a good way to live your life... and you shouldn't overthink them.  :P [/b][/b]

Asta trebuia sa fie o povestire; si mai lunga!

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