Child labor in the clothing industry, should Romania ban them?
      Itís well known that humans use each other to obtain certain assets. In our whole history we can see such examples, the most prominent being slavery. It took centuries to move forward and to truly see all humans as equals. Right now itís the first time in which discrimination, globally speaking, is decreasing. But sadly some issues are far away from  being solved. Child labor in 3th world countries is a serious problem that is completely ignored. The only way to put an end to child labor is to ban all companies that sell merchandise produced this way.
     Fisrtly anyone can agree that nowadays the focus on fashion is at an all-time high and surprisingly all social classes have this new found passion. Back in the day, when there were no fast-fashion companies with acceptable price points fashion was reserved to the rich and influential. Most people used to get clothes at dressmakers as many times a year they could. Closing companies who sell clothes made from child labor would change things for the better.
      Secondly , the younger population will be forced to see clothes as truly valuable possessions and the idea that you canít wear the same outfit twice will vanish. We as a nation will start shopping smart and our wardrobes will be made of essential pieces. Now we all try to buy as many clothes as we can to obtain the image pushed by the media. And the reason we can do this is because  chain stores that sell in style clothes imitating high fashion. Getting them out of the country, local business will flourish and the price tags will increase but so will the quality.
       The most important  reason to ban these companies is to make the consumers buy more reliable clothing .Sadly this could be the only way of ending child labor.
       To conclude, we should all agree that chain stores are actually a negative to our society . Since all conglomerates are used to scam consumers, we need to start buying from local vendors to put an end to all this.

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