Long distance relationships

Long distance relationships are often found mostly between young people who try to prove that they
can make it work. Sometimes this type of relationship lasts for a considerable period of time and
other times it doesn't even starts.
From my point of view, a long distance relationship is not worth the effort for a number of reasons.
Firstly, a relationship is based on a certain connection that people develop when they spend time
together. This connection needs (at least at the begining) to be fed with plenty of dates in different
contexts. In private, in society, in different places with friends and even family. In this sense, you
have the chance to analyse your partner, to see their behaviour in those contexts and the attitude
they show to other people.
Physical presence builds a stronger connection and a healthy one because it gives the opportunity to
get closer to each other in a physical manner, to do things together, to laugh more, to enjoy the
same things in the same place. Also the energy and the vibe of the person you choose to be with is
an important factor that influences your mood and your state of mind.
Secondly, long distance relationships are often ended by loosing trust. Even if your relationship starts
with no trust issues, at a moment the feeling of doubt comes in.
Not facing problems in person can often be a cause for not even solving them. These half-solved
problems are bunching up and then lead to other relationship disfunctionalities. Communication
issues that appear leads to fundamental problems including the feeling of doubt. Then arises the
need to create self-defense mechanisms because of the fear of suffering and most of the times it
ends up by breaking up.
In conclusion, long distance relationships are often meant for failure in the first place and other times
it takes some time till the relationship fails.

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