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Breastfeeding in public

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Public breastfeeding is unpleasant for mothers, yet they have to feed the child who does not understand it and requires food.Some mothers hide their breast during breastfeeding, while some are not ashamed, and here it is quite debatable.However, we have noticed that public transport has special places reserved for mothers with children, but they are not taken into account. We already notice a lack of interest in changes. If the lowest requirements are not met then it is hard to aspire to something more[comentariile astea se departeaza de la subiectul introducerii]. I think a woman must hide her bust when she is breastfeeding ,she must do that out of respect for herself and also for her surrounding .
  First of all it's embarrassing for her, but for the others too.Not counting on feeding their child she has to hide this part of her body in order not to create a wrong impression.As the breasts are a taboo part of a woman's body and should not be seen by all.
  Secondly,from lots of man point of view it can be interpreted as sexual attency, no matter that there is a child in her arms.As dangerous and assaouIted as that can be bad and ugly stangers looks that can intimidate a breastfeeding moms. MoreoverI would like to mention that we have evolved a great deal over the last decades, and there are various things for about breastfeeding that can create a comfort for mothers. Now them they should be more careful about this detail.
  In conclusion, we must be very careful when we are breastfeeding a child, and if we do that in public then it would be good to cover our breast so that we are not the subject of a discussion, but also to be safe.

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I am one of the people who support breastfeeding in public. It seems to me absolutely normal and I don't think you have to be the most open-minded person to agree with that. After all, this is something that all beings from the beginning of the world do.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Breastfeeding in public