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"Describe 1 movie/character"

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The character i ....... pi...ked is called Veronica. she is in  ....... series ''Riverdale'' on Netflix.She has black hair and brown eyes.She is 18 in the series.The series is currently four season... long.She is one of the main characters in the serias,along with her friends Betty,Archie and Jughead.Her boyfriend is Archie.She has no brothers or sisters. She appears as a the strong and brave girl in the friend group.She speaks English and Spanish and is from a Spanish family and  is in line to  become boss of her dad...s trade company.Her family are rich.
I like Veronica because  she is very brave and works hard  to win fights.Her dad is an angry and mean man,but she is not like him at all.Later in the series she even goes against her family and tries to keep  her place as next in line to the company when she is nearly forbidden from seeing them. Veronica shows me that women are able to have power and fight for their rights.When she is at school she works hard and is on the cheerleading team,where they dance and cheer for the football team. Her and her friends fight off demons and evil spirits in the series.Her best friend is Betty.They look very different from eachother.As Veronica has black hair and brown eyes Betty  has  blonde hair and blue eyes,but they get along very well and are happy together.
She looks evil, because she always wears black,but she is on the good side.

propozitiile sunt scurte si nelegate - ar trebui sa ai paragrafe centrate pe un subiect anume, nu cu multe chestii disparate si ar trebui sa legi propozitiile cu conjunctii

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I like the characters who are strong, brave, who are fithing  for them rights,  for the place in this world . All these  powers, they are using them  for the good of the world , to protect all kinds of life . I  remember one movie, which is call Wonder , where the  main character is a boy with special needs but very clever, a good comunicater, an empath, who wants to cooperate with pupils, to help them, to be friendly.  These kind of traits are  need it in schools.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » "Describe 1 movie/character"