Video games are regarded as an interactive medium, and are mostly known for being violent in mass-media, while movies are considered pieces of art that combine literature with visual arts. That being said, which is better in regards to personal development?

On the one hand, video games offer the viewer, in this case, the player, the possibility of choosing his own “fate”, so to speak. Most relevant in this scenario are the games included in the “Choices Matter” genre, because the player makes his own decisions and, in turn, has to support bearthe consequences of his actions. In games such as these you can learn from the mistakes you make, and you can also understand that no choice is a mistake: it’s just a different way of perceiving the things around you. In addition, these games are longer, and therefore have more content than the average movie, and the factor of replayability, with the choice of different storylines extends the runtime even further.

On the other hand, movies have a massive audience just waiting to consume the next blockbuster[e o eroare de logica aici: anunti ca filmele sunt mai populare, motiv pentru care actorii lor sunt populari, ceea ce face filmele mai populare (argument ciclic)]are easier to "ingest", therefore cater to a bigger audience.  That is why the average person knows at least a few famous actors and which movies they played in, while few people know the voice actor behind a character in a video game. Actors and movies get more recognition and therefore have a much more significant impact on the average consumer’s lifetime, from fashion to sense of morality.

In conclusion, while movies are made available to everyone, since cinemas are everywhere these days, unlike powerful PCs or consoles, which are expensive, video games can have a higher impact on personal development since they directly let the player interact with the story and mold it to his heart’s content. In the future, though, since both industries are profitable, they might merge, evolving into interactive movies, the likes of “Late Shift”, which muddy the water between the two mediums.

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