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responsability for posting online

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The online environment has changed considerably in the last decade. Nowadays, it is not only a place for entertainment and a vast source of information, but a space where one can find unknown people to share and discuss ideas. For some, nevertheless, ..the.... internet is the means for harassing and hurting others. Considering this, the question raises arises: should citizens provide proof of their identity when setting up accounts online, in order for authorities to be able to punish them in case they use the internet to attack anyone, by any means?
        On one hand, one should take credit of everything they do on the internet, as the effects of the actions are not absolutely distant far removed from the real life equivalent. ..The.... bullying culture, for example, has evolved extensively due to the expansion of social media in the last years. One can set up multiple fake accounts and verbally opress or even ruin someone’s image by making up false accusations. ....The..... internet also eases facilitates mobbing: the action of bullying in a group that widens surrounding a primary bully. The possibility of being anonymous online additionally broadens the aggressor’s range of actions. Online harassing oftenly turns into serious real life threats, as the victim’s address, workplace or school can be found out far more easier  easily through social media.
        On the other hand, hiding ..one's.... identity is beneficial for people who do not have atrocious aims, too. In the age in which information is the most important weapon one can have against the other, anonimity provides safety, on many different levels. By going anonymous, artists can share their work and get insight on it without the risk of getting associated with it in real life, in case it is unsatisfactory. Famous people can browse the web without having to possibly face stalkers. One can freely express their political views, ideas and comments on society without damaging their professional associations. Succinctly, the current state of the online environment leads to extreme solutions: the only way to truly keep privacy and safety is to limit access to one’s true identity.
        Admittedly In conclusion, social media has become a dangerous space for people of all ages. Harassing and threatening online are serious difficulties. However, it still is a place for freely expressing opinions and views on diverse subjects. None of these aspects should be ignored when elaborating a firm statement regarding identity online.

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You have the possibility  to chose what do you want to put on internet, important is the intention but to be aware about that. A picture is meaning information about the person who post it: what he likes, what he believes about that subject. So, it is a responsability when you post on internet because it is a sign of maturity.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » responsability for posting online