Breastfeeding in public is a big topical issue. Thus, there are two large camps with different opinions.
In the first camp are those who do not agree with breastfeeding in public. These people do not agree with this because they consider it to be common sense. They also believe that it is wrong for a woman to show her body part in public, even if she wants to feed her child.
However, there are also people who agree with breastfeeding in public, these being in the second camp.
In my opinion, I think breastfeeding in public is normal, because this is part of the human cycle. Also, breastfeeding is something that babies need for bone development. As a society, we should support women who have children in terms of feeding them in public spaces. Also, I find it disrespectful to go to a mother and tell her not to feed her child just because she is in a public place, considering that the child is hungry.
However, people continue to see breastfeeding as nudity in public, which is due to the different stereotypes of old times. Thus, if a woman feeds her child in public, it is impossible for even a man not to look at her badly or start to take her for granted that what he does is deprived of common sense.
In conclusion, I think that whether or not a child's mother agrees with her feeding in public, even if influenced by the world's opinion, is strictly her decision, but, babies were born to breastfeed
and mothers should take care of them anywhere and anytime without any negative comments or prejudices from others.