Initially, up to 6 weeks, the baby in the mother's womb does not have a gender. Thus, from this fact we can see that from the beginning, that not the gender of the child matters, but the desire that the parents have. The desire to have a child.
Related to the question "should Romanians raise boys and girls as different or with the same values ​​and lifestyles?" I think that the gender of the child should not influence the behavior and attitude of the parents.
In my opinion, children should be treated the same, because each child or boy has certain specific values ​​that need to be cultivated. But it also needs the help of parents. Thus, parents should be open to the wishes of the children and support them if they are positive. For example, if a girl wants to play football, parents should not impose her stereotype "only boys play football", but support her in her desire to admire her desire to get out of print. I think that in Romania there are many stereotypes of this kind, which sometimes just destroy the unique values ​​of the children, preventing them from developing and doing what they want.
But yes, it is true that sometimes these two lifestyles go head to head, but this is for a certain period. Thus, as children grow up these differences will become increasingly difficult to observe.
In conclusion, I think that Romanian parents should give up gender stereotypes and treat girls and boys the same way.