.................[incepe cu context despre evolutia internetului, libertatea de expresie si democratie]Ever since the evolution of the internet, people used it for finding information, but, most importantly, people used the internet for expressing themselves. They post blogs, poetry, they make videos and so many more. But should all people be required to provide proof of identity when setting up an account online?
          On one hand, this will be extremely helpful when speaking about identity theft, fake social media accounts, because it people will be required to show an id card which will lead to minimizing fake accounts on social media platforms. By doing so, it won’t wouldn't just help the problem referring to fake accounts, but it will stop little kids children from making accounts, this way helping them avoid online child predators and in some cases, cyberbullying.
           On the other hand, giving away such private information could place people in great risk, because that information could be easily leaked. There are a lot of numerous cases when private information was hacked and used in illegal actions without the knowledge of the person in case or even cases when the platform requesting the information sold it to third-party platform for profit.
           In conclusion, providing proof of identity when setting up an account online has its ups and down..... , it might help reducing reduce fake accounts and stop children from making accounts, but it also forms a big chance of hackers stealing people.....s 's data.

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