Internet access. [nu e ok sa faci franturi de propozitie, uneste in ceva mai coerent]What is it for one internet access? It's It is a need, a pleasure, a distraction or a wish? Should we have internet access?
          On one hand, the internet is a connection between we us and all the other people in the world. It's an open door to the worldwide and anything that exists or is created by man. Furthermore, we can find anything and anyone very easy..easily.., fast, whenever and wherever.
          asta e partea opusa, deci trebuie inclus la paragraful urmator, legat de celalalt argument prin "Furthermore/Moreover Moreover, if you aren't careful, you can get fooled, because the internet has a lot of[informal] many information, and some of them aren't true or real. On the internet people can find fake information that can create panic, horror or misunderstandings. So, people should be careful when they use the internet.
          On the other hand, there are other things more important than the internet. Yes, it is important for us to be able to communicate with someone or see different people and places, but it isn't a necessity, a priority or something that we can't live without it. People need freedom, right to education and equality more than internet access. In the world are far more important problems that we need to see them and if we saw them, then we shouldn't ignore the problems and do something about them.
          To conclude, .....even if the internet is important for comunications and personal satisfaction,one has to think very carefuly about what they really need. Only then one will know for real what is really important. So,........[mai intai pune rezumatul argumentelor] the answer to this problem is that internet access isn't such an important issue. We have other problems we need to handle quicker faster.

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