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Internet Acces

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Internet acces
In these days is impossibile to complete an action without using a large number of information you Find on The internet.
Firstly, we can Say that search opportunities and The amount of information avaible on The online space, along with The possibility of free comunication with other people, no matter how far are the advantages, should be accesible to all citizens.
Secondly, The Internet is considered by teenagers a “freedom”.
In these days, The Internet “open borders” and is becoming more and more vital.
Look! Have you ever stayed without The internet or talked to The people you used to talk to?
The internet brings with it The speed of information flow and The dependence of not losing something important.
We think that is very important When The “crush” has posted pictures on Instagram:)))))
And if we haven’t Internet acces, we feel panished!!!:))
In conclusion I think that the internet acces is in these days very important!



For me, Internet access is a daily necessity. I am aware of the dependence that creates me net, yet we are 21st century children, we have grown along with technologies and it is quite difficult not to access internet, specially when the crash postes. :D I admit that I like to stay on the net, but when I see my parents sitting on the phone more than me I am irritated.I think that's how they felt 7 years ago, when they told me not to stay so much on the net, and now they are the ones who spend their time standing on the phone


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Internet Acces