The most disgusting place I've ever seen was on an episode of a TV show. The show is called SuperModels by Catalin Botezatu. I'm sure there are some of you who know the show. Now it's running on youtube again and I really enjoy watching it. So, in an episode, if I can remember it was number 10, competitors had to take a photoshooting in a garbage dump. They were all dressed very elegantly and expensive. I understand the idea that Catalin Botezatu wanted to create an antithesis between the beauty of the competitors and the horrible and disgusting landscape behind them. There were a few people who could not bear the bad smell, but still managed to pose. I do not want to describe how the garbage dump can look, I guess you all know. There were lot of birds flying, lots of garbage and bad smell, a very bad smell, some started to shed tears. I'm glad I was not really there, but it was scary anyway even on the TV screen. I'm sorry for the expensive shoes they went into that garbage and now they can not be worn anymore. But after all, this is the world of fashion, it requires sacrifices for a good picture.

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