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Child labour

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Child labour refers to the exploitation of children through any form of work that deprives children of their childhood, interferes with their ability to attend regular school and is mentally, physicaly, socially or morally harmful. Thinking of this, should Romanian authorities ban the import of clothes from countries where child labour is not effectively banned?
          On the one hand, in this modernized and advanced world there should be no more child labour. Although one might say that this is not a problem anymore, they are wrong. There are around 15 million children under the age of 14 that are forced to work. And their work is not what most people understand by this word. Children from countries like India, Myanmar, Pakistan, Somalia and so on have got none of the luxuries children in western countries have. They are compelled to work in agriculture, factories, construction, mines and may also take part in armed conflicts. This atrocity has to stop as soon as possible, firstly because it creates a circle of poverty, as the more child workers in the economy, the lower the wages of jobs those children and secondly because child labour is the worst form of child exploitation. It is the responsibility of everyone to contribute to the elimination of child labour governments, trade unions, businesses, international organizations, communities, employers etc. One acceptable example of actions that the Romanian authorities can take is banning the import of clothes from this kind of countries sends the message the people are not allowing this anymore. This might scare the higher authorities that allow child labour and stop doing so at least in this department.
          On the other hand, banning the import of clothes from countries where child labour is not effectively banned will not really change the situation. Romania alone is not powerful enough and can do nothing about it as it is definitely not classified as influential. In other words, no country that has child labour will stop putting children to work and selling clothes to other countries. Moreover, this measure will not even influence other bigger countries to help bring the childhood back to those children.
          To conclude, it is important to understand that many hands make light work. Some countries should always work together to put an end to everything that is morally incorrect.



I am not agree with Child labour because it  is childhood stolen.The main activity of a child is game through he learn differnt  things appropriate to his age.
First of all it is an education problem: the parents should be aware about the effects of  the child exploation, it's mean the lack of love, so necessary for happiness.
In the second way,the parents should be offer jobs so their children not be forced to work.
And finally, it's important the attitude of the one who is buying: the people who are aware that the clothes  are from child labour should not buy and  call the authorities.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Child labour