Breastfeeding, also known as nursing, is the feeding of babies and young children with milk from a woman's breast .Mothers may pump milk so that it can be used later when breastfeeding is not possible.Breastfeeding has a number of benefits to both mother and baby, which infant formula lacks.
As breastfeeding is something natural, I am against any possible law thatís requiring women to cover up while breastfeeding, but still, here are some for and against arguments that can make you create your opinion:
First of all, as said before, breastfeeding is the feeding of a baby, the tiniest form of life of a human being. It is very important for a baby to be fed on time (whenever it wants to) NATURAL milk, produced by its mother. The milk produced by its mother (breastmilk) itís the essential thing for the baby to grow healthy, by having a lot of vitamins and by being drinkable. When a baby is crying after changing itís diaper you know itís dinnertime (even though itís kinda the 50th time this day). But what happens if youíre in public? Like in a cafe? Or a pool, tram or a park (because you sure do have a social life, you just canít live in your house until the baby is 18)?? You canít leave the baby crying, can you? Picture this: Your beloved baby is crying harder harder and harder, people around you start making faces and whispering, and you donít have any other milk ready to hand! What do you do? Well, lemme guide you: just pull your baby-milk-maker out and start feeding your offspring!!!! Itís not so hard! There are so many benefits to doing this just look: the people around shut up AND the baby is happily eating!
On the other hand tho, some people might find it offensive, as you just pulled out a feminine part of yours.... thatís not very christian if you ask me... you really should cover it... what am I talking about? There really should be a law requiring you nasty women to cover up your stuff while feeding your baby, like seriously, canít you pump your milk with those special tools? Why are there women that can? You should do that too, as you disturb any pervert and you also quiet your baby. Furthermore, how would you feed your baby in some random public space without giving it bacterias? Like donít you think about their tiny body? It is very dangerous to do that, anyways you feed them you will touch their little mouth and you have a lot of bacterias on your tram smelling hand!!!
To conclude, these are my for and against arguments regarding breastfeeding in public