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There was a girl who loved plays. Her name was Christine and her dream was to play someday in a musical as the main character someday.
One day, her best friend, Jeremy, told her that thier their school is was going to do a musical and they are were going to have auditions the upcoming mMonday at 4 pm. When Chirstine heard what her friend had said, she screamed for joy. She could not believe her luck! Her dream was in the making. Jeremy said that the name of the musical was "Beetlejuice" and it was about a deceased couple who were trying try to haunt the new inhabitants of their former home and call for help from a devious bio-exorcist ghost named Beetlejuice, who is was summoned by saying his name three times. The main characters of the play were the ghost and a girl named Lydia.
Chistine practiced day and night untill the big day. She learned some lines from the musical and the lyrics of "Freeze your brain" from Heathers: the Musical because when someone is auditioning, they have to sing a song from another musical, but the song that it choosen by them, must have a connection with the character that they're auditioning for.
When that mMonday came, she was a little bit nervous but her friend was with her to encouraged her. She walked into the room where the auditions were thrown held, she introduced herself, told them that she is was auditioning for the role of Lydia and started singing. She sang amazingly ! It was the best performance she did had in her life. When the song was over, the jury said that if she got the role, they would will call her. Chirstine came out from that room exactied excited and really happy. Jeremy congratulated her for the performance and said she did had donean awesome job.
The days went by, but she received no call back. After a few weeks, she saw on a wall in school the list with the cast for the musical. Chistine checked it but her name was not on it. She was so disappointed! After all the hard work that she had done, she failed... what a disappointment...

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I'm sorry for Cristina. Sometimes we fail and it is normal, but it is important to try, because that is how you get experience.I know this feeling when I give my best and finally fail, and I always wonder what I did wrong? why didn't I manage to do what i proposed?And yet I manage to get through these difficult times, I just have no time to stop at them, because there are other more difficult times.



It's very important what we are saying about the failure. If we have a negative attitude, every failure make  us to belive bad  about us ,I think that Christine came up a half of her dream through her actions: she leamed for auditions, she  played the role, she have  patience for result. And these actions are preparing the success. So, the disappointment is a normal state and it's ok to accept it like a step from our  dream.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Disappointment