When I was a young child, my perspective of disappointment was something negative, something I would try to avoid. I have had many disappointments in my life, for example, I wanted to learn how to ride a bike and failed miserably, another example is that I was trying to cook something and my kitchen caught (on )fire. Of course I survived unscathed, but in my mind a small reaction started to occur. I thought I should never ride a bike and to this day I refuse to do so, but I have overcome the other failure I (had ) experienced before and now I can cook wonderfully and without fear of fire.

   Now I believe that it presents positive and negative aspects to my life. Without disappointment we (will ) are never be able to grow from our own mistakes, and never learn to back down from something we do not see as bad. Without disappointment there is no sense of evolution primarily in our character and secondarily in our practices and methods.

  (First of all,) I would like to present a scenario in which a person is tragically damaged due to a failure that ....had....... caused a significant amount of disappointment(. That lead ) leading to him not being able to pursue anything in life because he was afraid the same event would take place. In this case disappointment is as we all say "bad" and destructive.

  On the other hand, there have been recorded (representatives ) cases (that )which said that a moment of disappointment .....had..... changed their life for the better and motivated them to excel in a specific domain of their choosing. An accurate example is the world renowned writer J.K.Rowling (she ) said she went to many places to promote her book and no one wanted to accept her. She eventually found someone that loved her book and she became a billionaire.

  In conclusion disappointment may be "good" or "bad" and sometimes even both, but it depends on the mental resistance that we posses and what perspective we choose to have.

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