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An unusual place

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There are many unusual places in the world because of their geographical position or historical importance. But for the Christian world the most unusual place is Jerusalem and Bethlehem where Jesus Christ was born, died and then resurrected. When you visit those places you feel certain vibrations and energies which were proved by scientists. I am not a very religious person but I wanted to visit the places where Jesus Christ walked as a man and resurrected as God's son. Many people had told me that you feel something special when you go there and you can feel a great change in your perception of life and religion.
I had the opportunity to go on a trip organized by a tourist agency last year. We were about fifty people in a group including a priest. At first we landed in Tel Aviv, Israel and visited Haifa city with its magnificent Baha'i Gardens, considered one of the seven wonders in the world. Then we visited different places where Jesus Christ made miracles or preached and said important things about God.
On each of these places there was a church where people all over the world prayed and  worshipped God. The most impressive moment was when we walked on the Cross Road where Jesus carried the heavy cross. Then we arrived at the place where he was crucified and died. At that place people were weeping and singing. Then we saw the stone where he was put after crucifixion. Visitors were kneeling, praying and crying. When we approached the Holy Tomb there was already a special atmosphere and something was floating in the air. We had to stay in a long queue because there were hundreds of people from all over the world. It was very hot and we were exhausted of waiting and standing. Two ladies in our group fainted and needed help. When you enter the tomb you feel all those energies and a kind of protection. Even if you are not allowed to stay  there for a long time, just a few moments, then you experience some very strange sensations. You feel that you are a better person, more patient and more forgiving. Many people say that when go to the Holy Tomb, even though they weren't religious before, they become true Christians and feel happier.

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I really enjoyed your story. I am very interested in this place called Jerusalem. In the future, I hope as soon as possible, I would like to go there. I really want to convince myself of those energies of good that you said, I want them to feel. I can consider myself a religious person, I really believe in the existence of God, but I do not agree with some priests who represent the church. Those priests whom I personally disagree with are those who wear golden pounds on them, drive expensive cars, and ask for a lot of money from the people to lift the churches. On this subject I can tell a lot, but I think it's enough.


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