It was a nice day of summer. I was heading to school without thinking that I would remain disappointed because of someone who's been my friend for over 3 years. The things went like this:
I was doing my normal classes until the big break came. No more than a minute passes by and I hear...... the deputy director........ voice calling my friend, let's call him Bob, to come in the director's office. After another two minutes I get called too by the deputy director to come in the director's office. I was shocked, my brain suddenly froze for a momment because I didn't know what to think of, ,,what did I just did" ; ,,why would he call me if I didn't do anything bad". I was scared. I entered the room. I see the principal standing on a chair at the end of the big table in the room. The principal asks me a few questions about how did I managed to delete Bob's account that contained evidence of some things that even I didn't know about. He lied about me that I ........ deleted his ,,things'' from his phone just ....... that he doesn't get punished for the bad things that he possessed in it. He tried to get rid of me, just so he could escape being punished. I was so disappointed of him because the, he tried to regain my friendship.
Life lesson: You always have to be careful on what friends you make.

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