It was a beautiful summer day that didn't seem to end so disappointing. I am a speedcuber. This means that I try to do Rubik's cube in the shortest time I can. Actually, there are competitions for that. At the competition, you must solve the cube 5 times in the first round and if you are in the first 20, you go in the second round and after that, if you are in first 10 you go in the final round where you can win the highest prize: a laptop! So I found out that such a competition will take place in my city. I was very excited because I had waited a long time for one.
The day started well. I arrived at the location and I paid the participation fee. I met many new and friendly people and soon the competition started. 3 people scrambled the cubes for the competitors and other 3 kids named "runners" brought the cubes to ........ participating table. On each table, there was one special timer that you had to put your hands on to get timed. At each table was an organizer who looks if all goes well. A man yelled ........ the participants, and on a big black table was the score table.
Finally, my name was also shouted, and an organizer came and led me to the competition table. The cube is brought by a runner and placed on the competition table covered by a cup. After you take the cup you have 15 seconds to inspect the cube. You put your hands on the timer and... START TO SOLVE! In the first round, because of the nerves, I took a 19,34 seconds average of 5 solves. I was a little discouraged but I entered the next round. That time I move...... very fast. I reached the last step of the solve and saw on the timer that I had only taken 8 seconds. But I enjoyed it too quickly. At the last step, my cube just decided to jump out of my hand...And until I recovered, finished the cube and stopped the timer the 8 seconds became 13,56 seconds. It was a great time, though. But when I saw the score table I was more disappointed than I was ever in my entire life. I did not enter the final.
But, that wasn't the real problem. I was 11th with a score of 13.56 seconds and the boy on the 10th place had 13.52 seconds. I will never forget how the big prize, the laptop slipped through my fingers...Literally...

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