It was the 16 th of june,and it was my birthday.I rented a large room to play music and dancing, also i invited 200 people to spend time togheter. I was verry stressed because maybe somethng wrong could happen.
And the day has come.I woked up at 6:00 am and I managed all the things, the last thing to do was .......... to come the guests.When they camed I played the music and the party has started.At the end of the day I unpacked the gifts, but at that moment my dad and mom gived me a key. Then i realised that they ........ bought me a car. I was very happy.I went outside and saw a tesla.I started crying.[uneste propozitiile uc conjunctie]That car was very expensiv.... . ....... Next day, [conjunctie] i tested it, i felt like something was broken.I pulled over, i checked the wheels,[conjunctie]............ nothing,then the battery and i ralised that is corrupted.i called tesla company,and they toled me,the car is in a bad shape. I was very disappointed. [conjunctie]I told my father, he began to argue with me. I was inncocent, he was disappointed too. From that moment i decided that i would never buy again from that company.

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