The second semester of 8th grade was almost finished. The whole semester I was[fusesem] have been albe to finish my school homework, the homework from my tutors (i got turoring for math and romanian Math and Romanian) and also keep kept]up with my extracurricular activity: the choir. We had a lot of concerts and even a choir contests from time to time. So basically a lot of work. But I loved being in the choir, I couldn't imagine life without it. [uneste propozitiile]Butalthough, at that point I realised that I couldn't do it all. I talked to my parents and we came to the conclusion that it is best if I quit choir for the second semester and go back in September. I was really dissapointed. I was disappointed of withmyself for not being able to stand up for what I care......... about.
In the second semester I was really stressed and sad, almost near depression. I didn't even see the point in getting out of bed.No one seemed to notice, I guess I seemed fine, but on the inside I was really sad and confused about memyself, where my life was going and my principles.In June the choir had a very big contest in Germany. The thing with big contests is that after ........ time, it's not the trophy or the lack of it that we remember, but the good time we had. I missed some good times.
Now I'm back, but there are moments when I feel like a stranger. Was it worth it? I guess. The final exam's resultThe result of the final exam tends to tell me that yes, yes it was worth it. But I still can't forgive myself for taking this away from me. I could've done more, I'm sure of that. But I was weak, I failed under pressure. And I used to think better of myself.

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