It was the 18th  of April and Champions League Semi-Final fixtures were announced.
FC Barcelona was going to face Liverpool at Camp Nou on the 1st of May, and on the 7th of May at Anfield stadium. I was so excited about these fixtures because Barcelona was extremely close to Champions League glory, which our captain, Lionel Messi, promised he'll be bringing back to Camp Nou.
I was counting days, after days, after days until the DAY finally came. I gathered my boys, prepared the snacks and I opened the TV. Barca was playing like usually: the Barcelona way. Possesion possession and fine passing. At the 25th minute the ball falls to Jordi Alba who plays an incredible pass to Luis Suarez who leads forward and gets just a touch on the ball then puts it into the net. Liverpool upped their game, but it wasn't enough. At the 75th minute, Luis Suarez shoots at the goal but hits the crossbar. As that hits the crossbar, Lionel Messi gets a rebound and puts the 2nd goal into the net. At the 82nd minute, Messi gets fouled by Fabinho and gets a free-kick. The whole stadium was on their feet, and everyone was clapping simultanously simultaneously faster and faster as Messi was doing his run up run-up to the free-kick. As he kicks, the ball is hit around the wall of players, and past the goalkeeper. That was Lionel Messi's 600th goal in his whole career and the UEFA Champions League Goal of the tournament.
           After this amazing performance, I was looking forward to the second leg. The match started and I was feeling very confident. Barcelona's play was good and we even had a few chances to score. In the 15th  minute, Liverpool scored. Obviously, I was not to too happy about it, but after all, it was just a single goal. After several minutes, they managed to score again, just before the half-time. I told myself that we will play better in the second half or at least we could keep that 2-0 score, cause we would still qualify. I was really confident about the second half, as we started well. But like a spear in my heart went their third goal in. I was devasted. I had the last hope that we would score, or at least beat them at penalty kicks, but then the real disappointing moment showed up. Alexander-Arnold took advantage of a corner kick. He passed the ball very quickly to a teammate when Barcelona's defenders weren't ready and so we received our fourth goal. One of the weirdest corner kick goal in the history of the Champions League. I bursted burst into tears like any 5 years boy who's toy was stolen.
              This was one of the most disappointing moments in my life, but my love for FC Barcelona remained the same. A true fan stands faithfull to his club in the good times and bad times.

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