The parents shouldn't make differences between boys and girls regardless of age. Of course Admittedlychildren aren't the same, because every child  has his qualities and defects.
           On one hand, if the parents are making differences could appear conflicts could appear between the girl and the boy. Of course who is less loved in the family might get upset , frustrated, internalized introvertedbecoming a shy person because of the parents who express their affection repeatdly more to the other child . Thus these things can lead to depression , trauma, difficulties in expressing the feelings, emotions becoming an adult with problems. Moreover, these things can lead to the deterioration of the relation between the girl and the boy, the child to whom more attention is given gets to hate the other one.
          On the other hand, there exists are some situations where either the boy or the girl is more attached to their parents in which case parents involuntarily are more attached to that child. It is true that in this situation ..........there aren't big problems. They are just for the moment. Furthermore, there are cases when the youngest child is spoiled by parents. This time the other one feels marginalized. Every child has its his charm , over time  they form their character , family having a determining role in the process of their formation as adults. That's why parents should love their children equally.
           In conclusion, regardless of the gender of the child , regardless whether it is bigger or smaller, the parents shouldn't treat them differently. Children are born with rights, as well as that of not being discriminated against. ........... [adauga o speculatie sau interpretare personala in context mai larg sau despre viitor]

nu ai scris despre subiectul anuntat, ci despre diferente intre copii in general. schimba titlul

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