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For and against abusive teacher

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I would like to talk today about abusive teacher...... .[uneste propozitiile] It is a very important subject for every student, especially here in Romania. [pune intrebarea, sa stim ce vei argumenta]
Firstly, we have to understand the phenomenon.[sterge si muta propozitiile urmatoare in introducere] For many years teachers have taught students information, most of them completely useless. Children were put to learn, retain and remember tons of information. This was the beginning of ,,these abusive teachers”.
On the one hand, it is a good thing because a child needs discipline and they need to learn how to listen ........ someone older and wiser. They need to know and retain some information about different areas of interest because every person needs a general culture.
On the other hand, it’s a bad thing because students will hardly listen to you if the only thing you do is to yell one hour at them. In their training as future teachers they learn, at least in theory, psychology. They have to learn how to work with children and few of them, really know how to do this.
In the end, .............[pune mai intai rezumatul ideilor] this is one of very common problems in the modern school, a school that should be advanced, a school were students should learn to love there elders, because they are the ones who offer them a bright future.

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Until two years ago I didn't have any abusive teacher. All my teachers were educated and organized people.It is only when I transferred to another school that I understood that there are various teachers with various interests.Often some teachers become so because of their personal problems,but if they don't change their behavior along the way, then this may be a problem and there should be taken safety measures .This type of teacher must be fired from school, but sometimes unfortunately he gets rid of the punishment and continues to be abusive with the students.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » For and against abusive teacher