[e cam abrupt sa intri in argumente din introducere - multi nu stiu exact despre ce e vorba, care e miza. asadar, lasa acest rezumat al argumentelor pentru concluzie si aici descrie o scena, miza, trecutul, actorii etc]The right to food is one of the essential human rights. Breastfeeding had has been considered normal for centuries, as it is the natural way to meet an infant's nutritional needs.Thinking from this perspective, breastfeeding in public should not generate any controversy. Nevertheless, the right to personal privacy is equally relevant. These being said, which right should we put first?
    On the one hand, breastfeeding had been considered normal for centuries, as it is the natural way to meet an infant's nutritional needs[asta e buna de intro, dar nu aici, pentru ca nu e despre b.. in public si nici nu e ceea ce dezvolti in continuare] Breastfeeding has multiple advantages, and it should not be replaced by any other type of food. [u]Additionally, it has multiple advantages.] For example, breast milk reduces the risk of numerous viruses, diseases and infections. It has also been scientifically proved that it makes vaccines work better.[nu ai scris aici despre alaptat in public, deci esti in afara subiectului
     On the one hand, breastfeeding in public is an absolutely normal thing to do. Everyone should understand that breast milk is the natural way of feeding an infant, regardless of the 'tool' that is needed to deliver it. A mother should put her child's need before the other people's inconvenience. The baby has the right to be fed on demand, just like any other human being of any other age should have. This is why moms should feed their babies wherever they are.
     On the other hand, one may not feel comfortable when seeing a woman breastfeed in a public place like a park or a means.... of transport. Breasts are intimate parts of a woman's body and one should not be constrained to see anything similar to this. Furthermore, better methods to feed a child with the mother’s milk exist. Breast pumps allow women to transport the milk in a bottle everywhere they go. This method requires time and money, but the certainty that everyone’s rights are honoured compensates.
     All aspects considered, it is complicated to establish a general standard. Both mothers and people who feel uncomfortable are right to advocate for their welfare.

am omorat putin acest text dar e ok i was baby back then

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