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The person that nobody likes

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Hmmm... a person that nobody likes is like my cousin, trust me she is an awful person . She is annoying, boring, stupid  and she thinkS that she is more important than everyone. She likes to talk about others but she never thinkS about her faulty. She is stupid if we talk about friends, she think that everyone is her friend despite the fact nobody like her behavior.
      She preferS to spend her time on the phone and this is a problem because she use all the social networks to post many pictures and all of us know that anyone can see THAT pictures so many problems can appear and she ISnít awareING this danger.
      Maybe her real problem is in her behavior because she is very childish even if she is capable beING a serious person. She was spoiled by her father and her mother'S work colleagues and when her father died of course she was more spoiled and this fact made her think that she is the most wonderful personS maybe she is but this behavior is awful. I noticed that she can be really nice if she wantED THAT but IT is very easY FOR HER to be annoying.
       I donít want to be a bad person but this is the truth; if she IS going to change, my opinion will change too. I donít know maybe I donít like HER because is new in my family and I am no more the only kid, the only nephew, but I tried to understand her problems, her behavior and this didnít GO well, I still hate HER and she hates me because I am older and my family tries to make HER be like me. Anyway maybe in future when she will grow up, we will be friends now we  still hatE each other.

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Very sad but true. Some my cousins are totally different from me, but I'm still trying to understand them all. It's hard to get along with a 27 years old cousin when you're only 15, I think that's  all because of age difference


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » The person that nobody likes