One of the biggest disappointments in my life was the moment when i lost a very important race for me at a swimming contest. Well you see i don't want to brag but i was an olympic swimmer, when i was only 7 years old i started to participate in races and contest.... .  I was pretty good and i won a lot of medals i liked swimming and i was good at it. After many contest it was time for my to go to a bigger contest with kids from the region i live in. When my mom proposed this i accepted not thinking about what that meant. I started training for many hours almost everyday for almost two weeks, it was really hard and really painful because i wasn't used with this kind of training, i had to go to a near..... city to swim in a different pool because it was longer and doing that road every day it became exhausting. After two weeks of intense training it was ........ moment to go to the contest. I was very nervous and scared because i didn't know what to expect. i arrived there and everything was fine, .......[linker] i started to get more confident but then they appeared, the big kids. They were teens and they were bigger thenall of us,  .......[linker] i was looking at them scared and didn't know if we where going against each other. I was really nervous but i decided to keep my cool. unfortunately my bravery stopped when i saw them took off their clothes and seeing them and started to warm up . After a few minutes it was time to get in the water i was confident because i trained a lot and i was sure i was going to win even though i was competing against bigger kids.
The referee told us to get on our marks and the he gave the start , i started swimming like a maniac i was going very fast but when i looked to my left i realized that i was one of the last competitors and by the end of the race, ........[linker] i wasn't the last one but i din't perform very good. I was sad and very disappointed i didn't even want to stay at the ceremony and i just wanted to go home. After that my dad and my couch came in my locker and told me that it was very good what i did and that they are proud of me, ........[linker] i was happy but still a little disappointed.
This is my story and by the way i am still a little bit disappointed

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