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Breastfeeding in public

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Breastfeeding in public is a question that people talk about from two perspectives. They are either positive, which
involve implies acceptance of this, or negative, which implies rejection of this action. The latter believe that it is something that must be done in privacy and represents a way to attract the attention of others. Breastfeeding in public is legal. [uneste propozitiile cu "chiar"]Some states have laws that protect this right, but breastfeeding is allowed and legal even in states that do not have laws in this regard. I believe that a mother should not be judged if she decides to breast feed her baby in public. It is a fact that a baby must go through this stage of life and he shouldn't be neglected just because some would look ugly because of the mother's decision.[asta e argument, trebuie mutat mai jos, nu e voie in introducere]
      Firstly, small children don't have a well-established meal schedule. They are hungry very often. On average, they should be fed every 2-3 hours they should. In addition, breast milk is the best food for a baby. If the mother decides to wait too long, there is ............["exista"] the risk of running out of milk, because milk production is regulated depending on how often the mother breastfeeds.It is a fact that a baby must go through this stage of life and he shouldn't be neglected just because some would look ugly because of the mother's decision.
      Secondly, it is illogical how display of a woman breast of a woman during breastfeeding is not tolerated, but in other cases it is. For example, women wearing loose-fitting blouses or even swimsuits show more of a woman's breast than breastfeeding. The fact that some may find this displaced may also refer to the modesty they have, but if they don't like they should .......... to turn their eyes or leave that place.
      However, I am aware of the danger that awaits feeds the mother who decides to breastfeed in public. It is possible to be assaulted by ugly looks that make her feel embarrassed and too daring. It is difficult for a woman to avoid uncomfortable moments when she believesfeels like a man thinking differently about her after seeing her breast.
     In conclusion, breastfeeding in public is a decision of the mother and is made for the baby's sake. It is a step towards the modernization of society and gives such a step of the people towards the renunciation of unnecessary conservatism and an opening towards a higher level of tolerance.

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That is a good point! I appreciate what you said, because at such a young age children know nothing about shame, and all they know is that they are hungry.However, I am of the opinion that measures should be taken in connection with public breastfeeding.Maybe we should start from having on the streets places specially adapted for cases like this one!?


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » Breastfeeding in public