Before to begin the real story, I must say something in order to explain my choice, otherwise just to clarify why this person and not another.
            I belive that anyone can be an admirable person for ... smaller or larger group of people or just for one specific person. Firsts admirables persons in my life was my parents and that was came from birth and from living together with them and, most important, from been grown by them. Then, I looked at every man that Iíve met. I tried to find in every each of them something admirable and I can say that I maded in the majority of the cases. Even if we haven met just for short while, I had the necessary time for observation. Not all of them I have to my heart, but I respect all. The real story begin so:
             It was a beautiful day at the beginning of summer. The vacation havenít come yet, but I had plenty of free time to make else than school and other things. So I accessed the internet in the hope that Iíll find something interesting. And so it was. I found an nice performance. I had wanted for long to see the man that was speaking there in flash and bones. Therefore I bought a ticket and after a few days that day came. I was ecstatic and I canned not stay still all day. When the moment arrived I took a seat in my place and I was very careful in order to hear all. After approximately two hours I got home with a very good mood and also a good impression. A new dream was borned in my mind and all that due to a person, an admirable person and his ability to public-speak free.

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