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You Tube complain

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______Hello Mr. Editor,
I am writing this to complain about the Jake Paul channel. The protagonist is illegally sellingsells merchandise and manipulatingmanipulate children into buying it.  As a channel designed for young audiences it is illegal to sell merchandise during any video.
______Firstly, Jake Paul is a channel for kids aimed at 6-11 years olds, with a few hallmarks: 
1) It can be animated or real life;
2) Contains comedy and slapstick humor;
3) Designed to entertain and not educate;
4) It doesnít contain open cursing;
Which all four are met. The show has an animated character; it features plenty of slapstick humor; it is certainly not educational; and any cursing is beep.... out. Also those aimed of forthis show can be easily spotted at live tour shows (6-11 years old). On top of that the show features several members who are under the age of 10 and on which kids can project themselves.
_____Secondly, psychological studies have shown time and time again that young children are unable to understand when their they arebeing sold to; for example in a 2002 study by Caroline Oates, Mark Blades and Barrie Gunther, of the eight years olds that were tested fewer than half understood that ads were meant to persuade them to do something. Thatís why after 1980ís governments all around the world made some regulations to prevent things like this:     
1)Have a clear distinction between the program and commercial;
2)The main character in the show doesnít sell the products during the show;
3)That the products canít be integrated into the programís content.
The Jake Paul show on the platform YouTube violates all. On top of that, YouTube has its own rules. Quote: ďyour child may see ad intro followed by a video ad marked with ďADĒ before the video you selected. All Paid Ads under a rigorous review process for compliance with our policies. Paid Ads wonít include any click thrus to websites or product purchase flowsĒ.
In conclusion 20 to 33 percent of Jake Paulís videos is filled with illegal merchandise. Hopefully this issue will be solved.

Yours Faithfully,
Iyleene Silvergaze
Iyleene Silvergaze

fa paragrafe cu continut unitar, de exemplu unul despre reclamele incluse in show, cum sunt spuse de personaj si altul despre cum canalul mascheaza reclamele, nu le separa etc; nu include liste, ci fraze. nu repeta informatii

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The Jake paul situation has been discused so many times, and for good reasons. That guy needs to start being aware of the impact he has on children, and the vulnerability someone of a young age has. Children will look at his content and think that is the right thing to do, and the "cool" way, and will start doing the same to get attention from people.



Iím not familiar with that topic but it seems a real concern. Most parents donít have the time or knowledge to restrict their childís content on the internet and they are often exposed to inappropriate content which leads to bad behavior. Every youtuber that is posting this type of content that can affect children should be permanently banned with no exceptions! Itís unacceptable to post this kind of things especially because 70% of people using the internet are children.



I remember the whole scandal involving Jake Paul a few years ago when he filmed a dead body in the notorious Suicide forest in Japan and it shocks me that he is still around. This type of YouTube personality should not be allowed to advertise any kind of product or content to children. I believe that itís time to retire this problematic public figure.


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