For as long as humans have been around, there has always been a difference between genders. Girls and boys were in most families raised by different rules, regarding appearance, games they could play, attitude towards the world and people. ....Therefore....[prin urmare,]gender difference is a hotly-debated topic that often divides opinion. It is often said by some that it is natural to pay attention on the to gender’s different needs, while others strongly affirm that this contrast can be harmful for the development of a young person. The following essay takes a look at both sides of the argument.

Firstly On one hand, let us take a look at the benefits that setting a boundary between the genders comes with. Science, especially neurology, plays a great role in creating these differences. Boys and girls learn differently for a very simple biological reason, their brains are built differently.  According to experts, male brains, are more often at rest in the brain stem, which directs fight or flight response (rather than more in the limbic system for females, promoting communication). The idea of boys being better fighters, and more aggressive is not something created by society’s view, but by the way boys and girls are constructed. Males have a larger amygdala, a center for processing anger and fear. This makes males more aggressive. This is why parents should treat boys with more attention to their combative tendencies. Even Furthermore regarding the level of thinking, girls are more efficient multi-taskers than boys. This is a consequence of the brain overall operating with 15% less blood flow, making the structure not prone for to multitasking. Parents have a great role in the children’s education, shaping the way of thinking and even personality of an individual. Treating the two sexes the same is ignoring their needs, what which one can or cannot do. As a result, this can lead to confusion for a child, later in life even developing low self-esteem. There is no lie in stating that boys are stronger than girls and girls are more talkative than boys.

Another point worth noting is that[Pe de alta parte,] On the other hand these differences have been building a cage for hundreds of years. Even the educational system, and some parents tend to deny this fact and therefore deny the everyday results of these biological differencesasta nu merge aici, ci in paragraful celalalt. If we take a look back in time and analyse the lifestyle of both a boy and a girl, it can be easily seen that the way of differentiating the two is not a healthy one. Girls from upper class families were taught by a governess while[]leaga propozitiile boys were often sent to public schools. Middle class boys went to grammar schools while []leaga propozitiile middle class girls went to private schools were they were taught 'accomplishments' such as music and sewing. In the 19th century middle class girls played with wood or porcelain dolls. They also had dolls houses, model shops and skipping ropes. Boys played with marbles and toy soldiers as well as toy trains. Throughout the eighteenth and well into the nineteenth century gender roles were well established in England. The conformist point of view was that the man was the chief breadwinner, the hunter and the women the housekeeper, belonging in the house, taking care of the children and cooking. However, in Romania, around the same time, the same way of thinking is creating the image of a young girl as a soon to be housekeeper. Due to the fact that the social class has always been an important factor, women were from images of beauty in society (and being more importantly “free”) to being a slave. What does everything have to do with today’s education on children? Understanding the past helps to look at the present and understand it. Today, although in more subtle way, society dictates the way a girl or a boy should take. How? Because the children of the past became parents, and their children became parents as well, creating this never ending circle of thinking. It’s true every individual is different, and that’s why it should never be forgotten that even though boys and girls are different, that is true on the same level for girls and girls and boys and boys. There has been an ideal image of these two genders for hundreds of years, and we still haven’t found a way to take it down. The world thinks it changed, but it is still far from it. Parents still tell their daughters to wear pink, while boys are not allowed to play with dolls. Nowdays, a boy wearing nail polish will be called “gay”, while moms tell their girls to stop being tomboy. “She is a girl she should act as one” in not a strange phrase for many young women. Nevertheless, this is not where everything ends. From the kindergarten, children are told they can not do “this or that” because of their gender. Dreams are shattered in a second by parents and teachers because this is why they have been told. A boy will give up ballet because everyone is calling him “too feminine”, while a girl will not know what it would have been to follow her dreams and be mechanic.

Weighting up both sides of the argument, parents in Romania should take into consideration the differences between genders and not treat a child for something they cannot do. However, they should never forget that this is not an excuse to limit anyone’s aspirations. Every single child is different and this is not because of gender, but because of a multitude of factors.

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