Girls and boys, two different tips of people. Is it really a difference between them? Should the parents treat them differently or the same?
Until the children have a certain age, maybe until they go to the kindergarten, they shouldn't be raised, but you, as a parent, need to now that girls and boys are different.[tu ai inceput cu niste concluzii - ar fi trebuit doar sa spui care e dezbaterea - sa promovam sau nu aceste diferente?] What are you supposed to do?
          Well, on one hand,when the children are young the only difference between children are is the clothes. They are pretty much alike, so they are gonna going to do the same mistakes, they are gonna going to be as loud as the other, or cry like all the kids. That means the parents should talk, explain or punish the girls and boys the same. [in paragraful asta ar fi trebuit sa aduci argumente ca copiii ar trebui crescuti la fel, fara diferente, nu doar cand sunt mici]
          But, on the other hand, when the children are older, they shouldn't be treated the same. They are different not only in looks, how they speak, what they do or their behaviour, but they are different at in thinking, judging, seeing and feeling. The parents need to know the differences, because otherwise the children won't will not be able to understand or will get confused when talking to their parents. Furthermore they will grow up wrongly formed which will lead to an unstable person with issues.
          To conclude, the answer to this problem is that parents shouldn't should not raise their girls and boys the same, because they will not be able to live a normal life and they will keep everything to themselves. ...I think this problem is still going to exist for a long time, so it has to be taken more seriously...adauga o speculatie despre viitor


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